3 ways to unleash the potential of women entrepreneurs

3 ways to unleash the potential of women entrepreneurs

“Women are experts in identifying real problems, and figuring out efficient solutions… innovation should be encouraged and if it can be commercialised to create an entrepreneur that actively contributes to our economy, it’s a win for everyone.” Mona Endehipa, from the Women’s Business and Resource Centre in Port Moresby, PNG.

Across the globe, women’s entrepreneurship has acquired significant attention in recent years. Translating this recognition into action in the international development sector has become an emerging area of interest for many donor agencies as they look for new ways to create growth in economies and promote equality.

This approach brings with it exciting opportunities for organisations and women entrepreneurs to improve their personal economic wellbeing, and contribute to the economic and social fabric of society. There are three simple components recognised as being key to fostering and creating environments for women entrepreneurs to thrive.

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