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We have seen the tremendous acceleration of innovation during the Pandemic, especially in health care. There\’s a tremendous opportunity, but it is all about potential and not inevitability. We have the potential to drive transformational change hard. We have the measures needed to be seen around things like using Fintech for financial inclusion. We can now do real-time data, but all too often we don\’t really understand the origin of the data, the quality of the data or the ownership of that data. It\’ll come down to the human values that have always been true in human society, but the potential is absolutely in our hands at the moment. It is time for technology to shine. Now is the time to implement human-centred technology to monitor the governing of the environment and ecosystem with a human-centred approach for the benefit of humanity rather than for the predominantly large corporations or governments. We need social innovation enabled by evolving technology.

We are individuals. We form communities and teams. We are influencers and we can see things as citizens of the world as they could be otherwise. We all need to be part of the solution and we need to determine how we can individually help to inform that solution. We have to ask ourselves the question of what we can each do to get ourselves to the point where we can see the benefits of our global collective action.

We owe it to all those people affected by this crisis to do everything to make a success of what comes on the other side.  The technology is there, and we know that if we use it, we are going to be ahead.

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